Share your passion with the world.

Create unique experiences around your city, and earn extra money by bringing others along

Hosts are chefs, hikers, or passionate locals who love sharing their community with guests by planning and leading experiences.

A sample of what great hosts do

Want to host for a cause you care about?

If you’re a volunteer, employee, or board member of a registered nonprofit, you can create an experience that brings people closer to your work and encourages thems to become advocates for your cause.

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Why host on Vacationrentalonline

Get more exposure

Millions of travelers can find and book your experience in an instant.

Promote your brand

Have a shareable profile with photos, videos, and reviews.

Meet locals like you

Join a global community of hosts. Connect through meetups, events, and more.

How to get started

  • 1

    Get inspired to host

    Review our quality standards to get familiar with what others do and what our community expects.

  • 2

    Design and submit

    Build and submit your experience. If it meets the quality standards, our team will reach out with next steps.

  • 3

    Host on your terms

    Once the experience is published, you’re free to host when you want. You can also set your group size and price.

  • 4

    Manage on the fly

    Keep track of your bookings, message your guests, and update your schedule from the app.

Ready to host an experience in your city?

Start by designing the experience you have in mind. We’ll guide you through each step. If your experience meets the quality standards, you’ll hear more about what’s next.